Invite Project: Virtual and Blended modalities

January 2022:

Introduced by the European Commission the Digital Education Action Plan 2021-2027 among many other initiatives also enabled the 2022 start of the INVITE projects: Developing Competencies and Innovative Designs for International Virtual and Blended Modalities. The post-covid landscape of higher education connected to Virtual and Blended modalities requires a more systematic approach, one that synthesizes the learning gained during the Covid-19 pandemic to develop the learnings of what the unprecedented event of the pandemic triggered by higher educational institutions.  The INVITE project aims to take action in such an endeavour. 

With its early 2022 start, the project focused on mapping the tangible and often intangible effects of the pandemic, with the united aim to use the gained insights in benefiting higher educational institutions on different levels, including stakeholders like students and teachers, but also staff. The past year the foundation of the project was built, with the support of the latest papers and studies connected to the project objective, but also with experts of the field who supported the project with their insights on the stage of higher education post-pandemic.